6 Workplace Productivity Hacks

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Productivity is all about spending less energy to create better results. But it’s often easier said than done, as so many of us know all too well. These productivity hacks will help you to accomplish your tasks better, freeing up time for you to focus on new challenges and learn new skills.
Find your efficiency slot 
Very few people are productive all the time. Generally, people find they either work better early in the day or towards the later part of the day. So, try and pinpoint the time of day that you work best and use this time to do more challenging tasks. 
Make a to-do list 
Bad planning is a big productivity killer. Not knowing where to start or what to do next can end up really eating into your time. To limit interruptions, take the time to write down what you need to achieve at the start of your workday. Prioritise the larger more important tasks and keep smaller, less important tasks for later. 
Now for the little ones 
Small tasks can clutter up your mind and your to-do list. Make a separate list for your smaller jobs and categorise them into similar jobs to make them easier, and you should be able to run through these 2-minute-tasks in no time.
Restrict social media 
It’s tough to resist the urge to quickly check your Facebook page - but before you know it you have spent ages checking out what your friends have been up to. Rather set yourself a reasonable time to go on to social media and stick to it. Maybe, during a period of the day when your concentration is not great?
Avoid lyrics 
Many people enjoy music to get them through the day, however, music with lyrics can actually be distracting. Ambient music is a far better choice, particularly when carrying out tasks that require reason, analysis and concentration.
Schedule email time 
It’s easy to get sucked into sorting and responding to emails. To avoid this time-consuming trap its best to set yourself a time to attend to your mails. If you receive frequent mails you can set multiple intervals to read, draft and flick off emails. Do this, before you start your day, during your lunch break and just before you wind down. 
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