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About Surf Washing Powder & Their School of Shine Initiative

For 65 years, SURF - the high quality, trusted washing powder - has always been committed to keeping you and your clothes shining bright like new so you can express yourself confidently.
SURF has remained focused on helping South African job seekers shine brightly in the pursuit of their career paths by helping build career confidence – from your bright wardrobe, to the brightness in you.
SURF believes that if it helps you keep your clothes bright like new, you can confidently express your unique brightness too and shine brighter in pursuit of your career path & job-hunting endeavors. SURF celebrates that everyone can express their unique brightness through their bright clothes and build a stronger self-confidence through both bright, well-cared for clothing and through polishing one’s soft skills.
With a long history dedicated to career confidence the brand has been able to touch the lives of thousands of South Africans and is on a mission to reach more. SURF wants South Africans to dazzle their way into a dream job that they can be proud of. That’s why SURF started and continues to promote their SURF School of Shine initiative ( that is focused on helping people shine brightly in their career paths & job seeking journey.
The SURF School of Shine website is a platform that helps young people build career confidence through free online courses and inspirational content. Whatever stage in your career you are in, SURF's School of Shine will support you with practical tools and tips to succeed in the workplace.
The SSOS is designed to provide people with the soft skills they need to bring out their inner brightness, to help them succeed in pursuit of their careers – while the product stays focused on helping keep their clothes bright and new.
Surf believes that nothing should come in the way of your shine. Each one of you has the talent and deserves an opportunity to shine. Surf promises to make your clothes whiter and brighter, so that you can feel confident to stride ahead on your journey to progress.
This year the brand hopes to reach thousands more South African job seekers to introduce them to the SSOS platform to help them shine brightly in pursuit of their career confidence.
You can bring out your bright too. Let SURF keep your clothes shining bright & join the SSOS community to improve your skills, gain advice, receive interview tips and connections to build your career.

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Surf keeps clothes dazzling white and bright, so that you can dress to impress.


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