Surf School of Shine is a social initiative for women by Surf and first of its kind, which offers free courses for young job seekers and those who want to further their career. Our free courses and practical tools like our CV generator will provide her with the important content and professional CV she needs to succeed.
Companies today require more from candidates rather than just knowledge and experience. Your new employers want to make sure you interact effectively with coworkers, managers, vendors, peers and customers. The courses offered by Surf School of Shine, i.e. How to be Interview Ready, Career Planning and Shine in the Workplace and Financial Freedom and Budgeting, as well as a CV generator are the basic skills you need to better your chances of landing a job or to grow in your career.
Getting into a job requires a certain level of preparation. The skills required, although simple, might not be completely understood by most of us. Being career ready implies going beyond subject knowledge and possessing the often neglected soft skills, such as confidence, communication skills, good appearance, etc.
Preparing for a job interview can be stressful and all you need is the right preparation to calm your nerves. In this course we cover what to wear, body language and important information you should have handy or take note of.
Whether you want to be a successful entrepreneur or get a promotion at your current work place, there’s career planning involved. In this course you’ll learn about establishing and planning your goals so that they are achievable and realistic.
Getting lost in the background can cost you a promotion. Avoid going unnoticed at work and take our course to shine in the workplace.
Absolutely nothing, that includes our courses and our CV generator!
Having a positive attitude is the right place to start but the Surf School of Shine is available online. That means you can take the course anywhere you want, as long as you have an Internet connection.
Surf encourages women to be dazzling in all aspects of their lives. Surf’s School of Shine will extend this promise to other areas by providing the local community with a platform that allows them to build their career confidence through inspirational content, practical tools and free online courses. Whatever stage she may be in her career, Surf’s School of Shine will provide her with the important content she needs to succeed.
1. How to be Interview Ready
2. Career Planning
3. Shine in the Workplace
4. Financial Freedom and Budgeting.
There are three ways to register to Surf School of Shine. You can choose to log in with your cell phone number, your Facebook account or even your Google+.
Absolutely nothing. At Surf we want to encourage women to keep growing in their careers by offering our free courses – all you need is an Internet connection.
Since the courses are online and free, there are no time limits. You can take the course whenever it suits your busy schedule.
We’ve taken the classroom out of the course and made it accessible to anyone, anywhere they are.
Each course takes only one hour to complete; you can also save your progress and come back later to continue the course. In total, you need 4 hours to complete all four courses.
On completion of these course, the student will be able to download their certificate immediately. There’s no waiting involved.
Surf gives back to the local community for supporting our brand by providing these free online courses for absolutely no profit. You need not buy a pack of Surf to apply for Surf School of Shine.

No, this is not a talk time offer.

Surf School of Shine is an attempt to build skills for the young job aspirants and does not encourage any other way of redemption.

Surf School of Shine hasn’t applied for any government body or regulatory body for accreditation. 
Please call the Surf Washline number at 0860-572908 for more information.