Interview Questions You Don’t Have to Answer

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As your interview gets closer, it’s time to prepare yourself. The Surf School of Shine is here to help you get through the interview and to make sure you’re in the best possible position to do well. We have tips on how to dress, all the way to the importance of body language. But what to do when you turn up - and it goes weird? 
The truth is, sometimes it’s not you, it’s the interviewer. So, it’s good to know that there are some questions you actually don’t have to answer. Here’s how to protect yourself and ensure you get a fair chance. 
For an interviewer to ask about whether or not you have a disability is not allowed, and you are not required to answer any such questions. The outcome of a job interview can only be affected if a disability would put your colleagues at risk in the workplace. 
HIV status 
Employers are not allowed to ask you about your HIV status because the answer has no impact on whether or not you are the right fit for the job.
Your age
Age is not a factor in your ability to do a job. Rather, factors such as experience, skill and expertise are factors which may determine a person’s ability to do a job. 
If you have children or want them 
This question is unconstitutional, and no employer should base their decision on whether or not you have - or want to have - children. 
Marital status 
Your marital status is another personal detail that has no impact on your ability to do a job. 
Religious beliefs 
Your religious beliefs should never be a factor in deciding employability – unless, of course, you are choosing to pursue a religious post or role.  
Your sexual orientation 
To ask a candidate any questions relating to their sexual orientation is discriminatory. What people do in their personal time, outside of office hours, is irrelevant and therefore this question is considered sexual discrimination.
If you are looking for help on how to prepare for an interview you have come to the right place! The Surf School of Shine can simplify the process of landing your dream job. From there on, it’s up to you…

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