Tip: 4 Ways To Be More Professional Overnight

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We all want to be considered professional and pleasant by our colleagues. From the experts at the Surf School of Shine, here are 4 things you can do today that can make you appear more professional, overnight.
  1. It’s all in the clothes
People make instant assessments of the kind of person we are, before we’ve even opened our mouths. And clothes play a huge role in how you leave an impression on your colleagues and clients. Dressing professionally doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. The rule of thumb is to dress appropriately for the job you have but also the job you want to have. If you’re in a corporate environment, dress smartly and this usually means no sneakers or jeans. Wearing clean work shoes and well-fitting clothing, regardless of how affordable they are, can make all the difference.
  1. Chewing gum
Chewing gum while on the job is a hotly debated topic, because most people think it’s OK to consume it, as long as you don’t make loud chewing noises or blow bubbles that could disturb your colleagues. So if you need a breath refresher, choose mints or chew quietly to ensure your colleagues are not annoyed by the sound effects.
  1. Speak professionally
The rule here is to think, before you speak or react. Taking a few seconds to compose your response could mean the difference between a career-limiting move and one that can propel you forward. Professionals always measure their words and think before they react emotionally to anything at work.
  1. Making long and loud personal calls
If you need to chat to your loved ones, rather make the phone call outside or in an area where you will not disturb your colleagues. Exposing your peers to a long discussion about what’s for dinner tonight can disrupt their working environment. And make you seem like you care more about what is happening at home, than what is happening at work. Keep personal calls, personal.
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