Tip - 5 Powerful Words To Use In An Interview

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Responsibility. Initiative. Result. Measured. Example. Five important words that can have a positive impact on any interview. Particularly if you use them naturally and with confidence. You don’t have to use all five, but if you use one or even two, they can strengthen your chance of getting the job. Read below for an examples of how to each word.

1) Responsibility

Using the word ‘responsibility’ shows you are reliable and hardworking. Bosses want to hire people who want more responsibility. So when you use it, use it as a doorway to introduce the new responsibilities that you want in your new job.

2) Initiative

Initiative means: to take charge. It’s another powerful word for you to use when talking about yourself. By saying, “I like to take initiative,” and then sharing an example of how you take initiative is a reason for a future employer to like you.

3) Result

Results show that you know how to do your job. They are what your interviewer wants to hear about and sometimes see, too. To tell your interviewer that the outcome of your work was, “a very positive result,” makes them sit up and listen. They will want to hear more.

4) Example

Talking about an example of the work you have done in the past is also a successful way to use words when you’re looking to be employed. Whether your interviewer asks for one or not, you should always try to include an example of past success in an interview.

5) Measured

Another good word to use when you are talking to an interviewer. ‘Measured’ can be used in many ways. As an example: “Every day’s is measured by what you achieve,” or, “my approach to clients is always measured, I think before I do anything.” Using this word shows you think about what you do or say before you act.

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