Tip - 9 signs your interview is going well

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It’s one thing to be well prepared for an interview or to consider yourself to have great interview skills or but how do you know when an interview is going alright? Here are some ways to tell if your job interview is going well.

  1. Positive body language.
    It’s often said that the eyes are the window to the soul – so, strong and consistent eye contact from your interviewer is a positive non-verbal cue. If the person meeting you leans forward, smiles, laughs and is generally upbeat while you are speaking, it demonstrates a genuine interest in what you have to offer.
  1. An extended discussion
    If your meeting takes longer than the scheduled time and goes into details such as salary negotiations - your interview is going well. A prospective employer won’t spend extra time with you if they are not sincerely interested in you as a candidate.  
  1. Getting to know you
    If your evaluator spends time getting to know you or shares additional details about themselves or the workplace – it’s a subtle hint of approval. They may want to get a feel for how you engage on a more personal level.
  1. No distractions
    It's always a good sign if the person interviewing you ignores typical interruptions, such as phone calls, texts and emails. If the interviewer gives you their undivided attention, listens carefully and asks follow-up questions, you should be encouraged.
  1. The introduction
    If the person meeting you is keen on you as a candidate, they will often want to get the opinion of others in the business. So, it's especially good if you're introduced to your prospective colleagues and bosses.
  2. Your long-term plans
    If you are asked about future growth opportunities or potentially taking on more responsibility, it’s an indication that there is interest in your development – always a good sign.
  1. Other opportunities
    When an employer asks what other opportunities you have been offered, it’s a signal that they may not want to lose you to a competitor in the market.
  1. The next step
    Interviewers are often not able to make promises on the spot. But there’s a good chance thing went well if they proactively communicate that they will get back to you or try to set up a follow-up interview.
  1. A firm handshake and a smile
    This is the final signal. If, as you leave, they are warm, stay verbally engaged and walk with you to the exit, you can feel pretty sure that you’ve made an impact.


Always remember, good preparation makes good luck!

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