Tip - Boost Your Networking Know-How

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Networking is an important way to build your career, and a woman who masters the art of networking can make the most of every chance that comes her way. So to help you master the art of networking we’ve put together a great list of tips for you to read through.

1) Do Not Arrive Late

Why arrive early? For a very simple reason. At marketing events people often gather into groups that are hard to break into. If you arrive early it is much easier to meet people and start conversations that would normally be difficult to start and enjoy if you arrive late. So make sure you arrive early.

2) Ask Simple Questions

The best way to start any conversation is with the questions that are easiest to answer. People are not always going to share the complicated details about their life and work when they first meet you, which makes simple questions your best bet. Something like: “Hi, I’m Siki, who are you?”

3) Share Your Best Side

When you’re networking and trying to meet people you need to be friendly and polite. So introduce yourself, talk to people with respect, ask them questions, be interested in what they say and be charming. The very first conversation you have with someone can tell them everything they need to know about you.

4) Share What You Love

An easy way to meet new people and be memorable is to share what you are passionate about. Is it parts of your job, your personal life or your hobbies? Don’t give too much away, but just enough to keep people interested. Conversation is a great way to strengthen the bond between yourself and new people.

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