Tip - How To Impress On Your First Day

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The first day of your new job can be a little scary. What do you wear? Where will you sit? Will people like you? All good questions to ask yourself. However, you must not forget that you are in charge of the way people react to you on the day. Read through our short list of tips for a little help.

1) Dress Like They Do

When you wake up to get dressed in the morning think back to your interview – what were the other people in the office (or your interview) wearing on the day? If you can remember, it will make it much easier for you to figure out what to wear. All you have to do is dress in something similar and you’ll fit right in.

2) Be Yourself

Just because you want to fit in on the first day doesn’t mean have to hide your personality. Let your clothing do a little bit of the talking for you. Add a touch of your own style and personality to create an amazing first impression.

3) Arrive Early. Stay Late.

An old school way of gaining people’s trust is arriving early and staying at work later than everyone else does. Not too late, but just enough to show that you are dedicated to your job. Arrive early and stay late, and you are sure to gain the respect and trust of your colleagues in no time.

4) Be Forward

In your new office, make the time to introduce yourself to the people you work with and learn their names. When you are in the kitchen with a colleague you don’t know or walking into a meeting together, introduce yourself and greet them with a big smile. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re liked and easily remembered.

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