Tip - Understanding Office Etiquette

Reading Time : 5 min
Office etiquette refers to the way you are expected to behave while you are at work. And while there are different rules for different workplaces, most offices work under the same guidelines. They are there to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their day and feels welcome. Here are the basics you need to know. 
1) Respect your co-workers’ space and property.
It’s the best way to make sure they respect yours too.
2) Dress appropriately for the job.
Every office has its own unique culture and dress code, so familiarise yourself with the way your fellow colleagues dress.
3) For solutions that stick, speak to HR.
They are there to make sure that you are comfortable and happy at work.
4) Keep your cool.
No matter what happens, make sure that you never lose your temper or get very angry. Stay calm.
5) Avoid eating smelly food at your desk. 
6) When you need someone’s help, send them an email.
Don’t hover over them like a cloud.
7) Make the new employees feel welcome and a part of the team.
People work best when they feel like others like them. 

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