How to Combat Interview Nerves

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When it comes to life-changing encounters, a job interview can be right up there! In fact, some interviews could count as some of the most intimidating moments of your life. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I should have answered that last question differently. Why am I only thinking of that now?”. The truth is that you were probably feeling nervous and flustered. No matter how well suited you are to the job, nerves can simply get the better of one. So, how can you stay calm and collected and ace the interview?
Give yourself ample time
Nobody wants to arrive at an interview panicked and breathless. To set the tone for the rest of the event, get to your interview with enough time to spare. It will make the world of difference. Try taking a few extra minutes before the meeting to settle down, clear your head and give yourself that little pep talk you prepared. 
Go for a walk 
It’s always a good idea to take a few moments to walk around the parking lot or a park near your meeting. Use this time to think about something other than the interview you are facing  - such as you year-end vacation or your dinner plans with your mates. This will help to keep you calm. 
Make a cheat sheet 
Take a notebook and make a list of who you will be meeting with, what time you are expected, the address of the building, the directions, a phone number in case you are going to be late in the event of a real emergency, and any other details that you may need if you get confused or flustered. This is one of those interview tips that will really simplify things and make it easy for you to keep your cool. 
Just smile 
If you are still feeling anxious, don’t fixate on it - instead, smile! Smiling will help you to feel and appear more confident. So just do it, and you’re sure to feel it.
There are loads of great tips on how to prepare for an interview. So take heed. Now, go ahead, do a dress rehearsal with an experienced colleague or friend, and bag yourself the job of your dreams.  

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