Maintaining a Work, Life Balance

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Heard of the concept of work-life balance? It’s the idea that we all should and can have an evenly split and equally weighted work and home life. And hundreds of modern self-help books have been written on the topic. Many of these self-professed lifestyle gurus proclaim that it’s a myth and does not in fact exist. Because when have you ever worked only 8 hours (and been brilliantly productive), been home before 6 and been relaxed enough to cook a healthy, nutritious dinner, go to gym, meditate, spend quality, meaningful time with your children, catch-up on a bit of news or a movie and connect with your partner while reading an inspiring book? NEVER? Don’t worry; no one here at the Surf School of Shine has either.
If we’re lucky, most of us will only get to tick a few of those boxes in a day. So the idea that we can have it ALL, all the time, is setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.
In recent years, the idea of having it all and being it all has softened and become more realistic for us mere mortals. It has now shifted into the mantra, the do the best you can, with what you have, when you can.
It means letting go of the idea that you can be perfect. You can’t. And we’ll let you into a secret…no one is. So our career tip is to kiss the idea of perfection goodbye. Why not aim for progress instead? Perfection means that everything has to be 100% exactly right, from the outset. Progress means that you will take small steps to achieve something over time. And what is more reasonable? We’ll take progress any day.
So instead of mastering the work-life balance (cause you can’t) why not use these handy to help you make the most of each moment – at work or at home.
-        Unplug – when you get home, put your phone into a shoebox for at least an hour (if not more), make the same rule for your family members and you’ll see hoq quickly you start spending quality time connecting with one another.
-        Say no to time-wasters (people and things) – Protect your time from people or activities that we call “time-suckers” – basically avoid anyone or anything that makes you feel like your time is being stolen.
-        Baby Steps – Remember progress? It’s made in small increments – one step at a time. So before you start your carb and sugar-free diet (that you’re bound to break) why not say no to sugary drinks for a day and build from there. Habits are better than rules!
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