Tricky Interview Questions - and How to Answer Them

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Sometimes, in an interview, you can get asked some pretty tricky questions. You may be asked questions that are intended to show weaknesses or encourage self-criticism – in short, loaded questions….
To be properly interview ready it’s important to prepare for just about anything that may come your way. So how do you answer these types of questions without ruining your shot at your dream job? Here are a few examples of difficult questions, along with some tips on how to answer them. 
What is your biggest weakness?
It’s tough to tell a person you want to impress about something you are not good at. The trick is to show how you have developed a strength from a weakness! For example, if you are disorganised, explain how being this way has made you better at preplanning and preparing for your daily tasks. Things such as list-making and scheduling time for specific tasks are positive solutions to a weakness such as being disorganised. 
How do you handle it when things don’t go well? 
This question is designed for your interviewer to understand how you cope with failure and stress. Remember, no one is perfect. Talk about your coping mechanisms – about what you do to remain calm in tense situations. Avoid emotional words like “shouting” or “crying” and remember the key is to show how well you can handle stress, not the things that cause you stress. 
Why do you want to leave your previous employer? 
The big thing when you are asked this question is not to badmouth your previous company or broadcast personal complaints. The last thing a potential employer wants to hear is negativity. Always answer this question with care and put a positive attitude at the centre of your statement. A good idea is to express a need for personal and professional growth. Talk about what drew you to your previous role, what you have learnt from it and how you want to further your skills and your career. 
Where else are you interviewing? 
Think about a balanced answer. You don’t want to seem desperate or unfocused, but you also don’t want to look like no one else wants to employ you. A great way to respond to this one is to say that you have had interest from similar organisations without being too specific. The information is, after all, confidential. Don’t forget to mention that the job you are interviewing for now is the one you are really most interested in. 
Remember preparation is your best tool. So, the next time someone asks you a loaded question – you’ll know you have got this!

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