Work ethic: 4 important things to remember

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An office environment can be a confusing place, especially for first time employees. When it comes to work ethics, here are a few rules to keep top of mind.
Rule # 1
Be on time
While the modern office environment may appear to be relaxed and as though people keep to their own schedules, it is important to honour your commitments. If you have accepted a meeting request or have organised a meeting, make double sure that you are on time. It is a sure sign of respect for your clients and colleagues.
Rule # 2
Feel free to act as the host
Even though you may not be the organiser of the meeting, feel free to offer the other attendant’s coffee, tea or water. By serving them first, it shows that you have confidence and are a genereous and courteous person – valuable qualities in any work environment.
Rule # 3
Clean up after yourself – and others …
It is as important for you to look crisp, neat and tidy as it is to keep the office environment clean and pleasant. The space belongs to everyone, but equally so, is everyone’s responsibility. So if you spill some of your lunch or coffee in the kitchen, clean it up immediately. Don’t leave it to the cleaners. Their job is to keep the general environment hygienic – not to clean up after you. And if a colleague has had an inadvertent spill, do them the favour of quickly wiping it up. They’ll be sure to return the favour one day.
Rule # 4
If you’ve fallen behind, take work home
We all know how a day can run away with us. Meetings, presentations, preparations, getting lunch and office chats at the water cooler can quickly gobble up the hours of a day. But, if you have made a commitment or are working to a deadline, make sure you meet it. Even if it means taking work home overnight, or working through the weekend. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.
Look out for more Surf School of Shine tips on work ethics to make sure you thrive and excell in your work environment. You’re worth it!

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